The EarthcareCLEAN experts have been there for many overwhelmed clients. We understand the devastation and concern that comes with damage to your home or business.

Whether you've experienced a broken pipe, excessive rain or a house fire, the damages need to be taken care of quickly! Let the experts at EarthcareCLEAN take care of your home or business. We know what to do and what tools and products to use to clean up before it's too late.

Water Damage

Water damage creates conditions that can host all sorts of unsavory and uninvited situations. Mold growth—especially in areas you can't see such as inside your walls—can happen quickly. In fact, wet drywall is a far bigger concern than wet carpet. Also wet wood invites termites!

What can't immediately be seen is much more troubling than what can be seen! Even within 24 hours, damage problems can start.

A few gallons of water or more are worth an immediate call to us. We'll inspect, extract water, use drying equipment and continue inspections until your building is dry. Don't hesitate! When you have excess water, call EarthcareCLEAN.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Just like water, a fire can cause both seen and unseen damage. Smoke and soot damage restoration after fires is just one of the specialty cleaning services offered by our trained professionals at EarthcareCLEAN. Smoke damage can spread far, and we understand the different kinds of soot and smoke, and we use that knowledge to inform the cleanup requirements.

Call EarthcareCLEAN at 843-556-5100 to have professionals help you get back to the quality of life before the damage occurred.

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  • We restore seemingly hopeless rooms and spaces.
  • We handle jobs other companies can't or won't.
  • If handled quickly, you can reduce further damage.
  • Rid your home of dangerous mold and termite attracting moisture.