You can't wait to crawl into your bed at night; you reluctantly pry yourself from your mattress in the morning. At one time you invested a large sum of money to create this luxurious sanctuary. It has to be amazing—you spend almost a third of each day there!

Gradually over the years, something changes. At first you may think you're fighting a cold or developing an allergy to dust. You clean under the bed and in the corners. You clean carpets and drapery, yet you still have allergy symptoms.service 13

Most people don't think of mattress cleaning. And why would they unless they knew about skin cells and dust mites. Every minute of every day, humans slough an average of 35,000 dead skin cells. Every 27 days, humans regrow their entire outer layer of skin. Where do all those skin cells go?

If you spend a third of your day—your life—in bed, the answer is clear. But cheer up! Your mattress hosts an enormous population of dust mites that can't wait to eat your dead skin cells. The problem with dust mites is that they have their own bodily waste! Their feces contains a protein to which many people are allergic. Yes, your mattress is a living science project!

You can now understand the necessity and advantage of mattress cleaning. If you're going to wash and/or replace your duvet and pillows, call EarthcareCLEAN to take care of the mattress at the same time. A periodic cleaning will not only rid your bed of allergens but also refresh your mattress after years of absorbing sweat and other bodily fluids.

Call EarthcareCLEAN today to schedule your safe mattress cleaning at 843-556-5100. Your mattress will smell fresher, be healthier and last longer—and you will rest better, too!

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  • Eliminates dust, allergens, bacteria, odors and more.
  • Uses a natural, plant-based cleaner.
  • Is safe for any mattress material.
  • Restores the appearance of mattresses.
  • Gets rid of pet odors and stains.
  • Is natural and safe even for children and pets.
  • Leaves your home cleaner and healthier.