Furniture Cleaning

You know your well-loved sofa isn't ready to be hauled off yet, but when neither vacuuming nor spot cleaning are doing the trick, call EarthcareCLEAN.

Furniture CleaningOur upholstery experts come to your home with our tried-and-true cleaning methods. We have been developing and using our non-toxic, plant-based cleaner for over 25 years. It contains no soap, perfumes or dyes. Soap free means residue free! Residue attracts more dirt to fibers faster than normal.

Our furniture cleaners expertly and thoroughly handle all fabrics, including leather. Our cleaning methods eliminate microbes and leave your upholstery spotless and odor free. Once we are finished, you'll have no doubt that having us clean your favorite furniture is much more economical than replacing it!

Drapery and Window Treatment Cleaning

When you call EarthcareCLEAN for this specialty cleaning service, you can expect that your window treatments will be cleaned professionally—regardless of size or material.

DraperyCleaningDrapery and window treatments will attract and collect dirt, dust, pet hair and bacteria! Not only can that affect your health but also the look and feel of your home. Our non-toxic, safe and effective cleaner and our experts know how to make your window treatments, your draperies look better than ever!

Don't hesitate to call for difficult projects. Our ability to tackle projects that are too complicated for other companies has helped build our solid reputation.

To schedule your appointment, call Earthcare CLEAN today at 843-556-5100.

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Furniture Cleaning Benefits

  • Eliminates dust, allergens, bacteria, odors and more.
  • Is safe for any upholstery material.
  • Restores the appearance of furniture.
  • Is natural and safe even for children and pets.

Drapery and Window Treatment Benefits

  • Uses natural, plant-based cleaner.
  • Is safe for ANY material—silk, wool, polyester, rayon, cotton and more.
  • Keeps window treatments looking new.
  • Gets rid of pet odors and stains.
  • Leaves your home cleaner and healthier.