Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

There are so many reasons to love tile! But you may be now discovering that to keep up with the long lifespan of tiles and grout, a specialty cleaning is required to maintain their spiffy appearance!

Ceramic Tile and GroutDirt tends to darken tile and grout over time, so the trick is to not push dirt around—like mops and rags do—especially if the grout wasn't properly sealed when installed. Waxes and some cleaners can also do a number on tile and grout.

EarthcareCLEAN takes your lusterless ceramic tiles and grout and makes them shiny and new looking again! If you've chosen tile for green reasons, our specialty cleaning services uses a non-toxic, safe and effective cleaner, which we then apply to tile and grout with intense controlled pressure and skill. Restore your floor, give Earthcare CLEAN a call at 843-556-5100.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Hard Surface CleaningStone and hardwood floors have a special quality. Both stone and wood contain beautiful, natural features worth enhancing again and again. When EarthcareCLEAN comes to your home or business, we come to take care of your hard surfaces professionally and to illuminate the inherent beauty of stone and wood.

For a lifetime of durability, your hardwood or stone floors require a variety of hard surface floor cleaning and care services. From protecting the finish of your hardwood to ensuring your stone is well polished, we've got your floors covered. Call us at 843-556-5100 to discuss your hard surface floor needs.

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  • Make your wood floors look smooth and beautiful.
  • Increase the life of your investment.
  • We remove scratches, polish, and seal to protect.