EarthcareClean’s Story of Dan's House

In the fall of 2016, Kiawah Island was hit by a hurricane and experienced severe flooding and cyclonic damage. The week after the storm, we received a call from Dan and Donna to assess their home.

The structure of the house was undamaged. When we stepped inside the home, though, it was clear that water had intruded. This is what we did:

  • Our team assessed their home using water detection meters and thermal cameras.
  • We quickly found water pockets and other moisture readings in three places.
  • We further tested infrastructural moisture and humidity levels.
  • We collected air quality samples and surface mold samples and sent them to our lab.
  • Our lab confirmed the varieties of mold growing inside the air ducts and crawlspace and between the walls.
  • Our team immediately began our effective cleaning and drying processes.


Dan’s Story

dandonnahome page 001

“When we returned to our Kiawah Island home, relief came over us as we pulled into the driveway and saw our home standing without a tree crashed through it or other obvious damage. The electricity had been turned off for days, so we knew the home might not smell very fresh. But three steps into the house, we knew that something else was going on, and Donna started to sneeze and cough.

“I called EarthcareClean, and one hour later Tom was on my doorstep with monitors and high-tech equipment that looked like [it] came from a Discovery Channel program. In just a week, this professional team used soda blasting to remove mold from our crawl space, removed water between our walls, cleaned our air ducts and saved all the walls.

“I was so impressed. It was a pleasure to work with this nice and polite, well-trained group of guys.”


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