When was the last time you wrestled with a child, watched a movie, or shared food while sitting your carpet? When was the last time you played a game, pet your animal, or cleaned under a piece of furniture while kneeling on your kitchen floor?

Because EarthcareClean cleans and protects carpets and floors for our customers, and have been doing so since 1987, we know the importance of floors and carpets to our customers. EarthcareClean makes a point of using food-grade, plant-based cleaning agents to clean your carpets and floors.

carpets and floors collage

Most people likely don't think about it, but families get a lot of floor time in their lives! That's why EarthcareClean is committed to cleaning your living spaces in safe and effective ways.

How many times have you seen a dog lick a kitchen floor? How many times have you seen a baby crawl across a floor and then stick her fingers in her mouth? How many times have you seen bare legs nestled into the fibers of a carpet to watch a television program or to watch an entire movie? How often do your family members make their morning breakfast in bare feet? 

These are the things that EarthcareClean thinks about! When we come to your home to deliver superior quality services, we are thinking about safety as much as we are thinking about the truest clean!

We know what is in traditional cleaners and what goes onto the floors and carpets of many homes. We also know that floors and carpets aren't the nether regions of your world. They're heavily used and involved in many of the activities in all homes across the United States.

That's why we're running a Carpets and Floors Photo Contest. We are paying homage to the highly utilized and rarely thought of floors and carpets in your homes.

Five days left in our photo contest! EarthcareClean has been inviting people within a 25-mile radius of its head office to submit photos of anyone and anything using their floors and carpets: grandkids, neighbours, guests, pets, children, family fun, funky socks, stylish shoes, wrestling matches, or game playing!

Don't miss one of the countless photo ops in your home because, if you submit a photo, you can win a $100 gift certificate for EarthcareClean services totaling more than $150. That's a fantastic deal because we offer a wide range of residential and commercial services.

Submit your photo by the end of September 9th. And don't forget—you can vote on your photo and on others. Come back a day later and vote again! And thank you for celebrating safe carpets and floors with EarthcareCLEAN!

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