Who's Been on Your Carpet & Floors?

It's certainly not the most common question you hear. It might even make you stop and think—and perhaps raise an eyebrow. And why would we ask that question anyway?

Well, we love carpets and floors—all kinds of carpets and all kinds of floors. We make it our business to love your carpets and floors and to give you tips on maintenance. At EarthcareClean, we take their longevity and protection seriously.

Photo ContestAnd we know that there is so much more to carpets and floors than looking good, being clean, and lasting a long time. How many times have you found yourself on the floor with a grandchild or a pet? How often do you roll out a yoga mat on your carpet or floor? Who was the last person kneeling on your floor while reaching under the sink or into a cupboard?

Household floors are fantastic for board games, train sets, and building blocks. The plush warmth of family room carpets are unbeatable for wrestling, learning to crawl, watching movies, and more! We know that carpets and floors are as much a part of your liveable spaces as the furniture you put on them. Carpets and floors are the foundation of so many family activities, and they become part of the memories you create together.

Because it is our business to love up carpets and floors, we post a lot of photos of them. We are looking for some of the best photos of carpets and floors from YOU—our long-time customers and customers-to-be!

That's why we're running this contest until September 7th. Together let's celebrate carpets and floors. We will honour your carpet and floor memories by selecting THREE winners who will each receive a $100 gift certificate for EarthcareClean services. (Note: When you enter with your photo, be sure to review the guidelines and restrictions.)

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