EarthcareClean’s Story of Dan's House

In the fall of 2016, Kiawah Island was hit by a hurricane and experienced severe flooding and cyclonic damage. The week after the storm, we received a call from Dan and Donna to assess their home.

The structure of the house was undamaged. When we stepped inside the home, though, it was clear that water had intruded. This is what we did:

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A few weeks ago, we posted a blog about traditional air fresheners and the chemicals they introduce into your home and your body. We promised that we'd make and test some DIY air fresheners, which is exactly what we've done.

First, we'd like to say that the best air freshener is simply opening your window—unless you live in a stinky neighborhood. Then again, if you do live in a smelly area, it's likely penetrated your building anyway. Open your window to at least release humidity and mitigate growth of molds. Opening the windows can also help dissipate cooking odors, as can turning on an exhaust fan in combination with opening the window for faster clearing.

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As early as 1956, when SC Johnson introduced Glade®, North Americans began masking indoor home odors, such as cooking or smoking. With discoveries made during the Korean War to cover hospital odors (imagine Mash on floral mist), chemists applied these findings to home products back in the States.

Anyone could have a forest bathroom or blossom kitchen. Change was in the air! Not only our homes but also our world in general were well on their way to being considerably more toxic than those of our great-great grandparents.

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Do you remember that smell in the unused closets or in the attic rooms at your grandparents' house? The odor was rather pungent and had a sickly-sweet quality with a lingering-in-the-nostrils effect? Nothing else smells quite like it. The first time you smelled it, you might have liked it—similar to gasoline—and then you associated it with some kind of "off" feeling.

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When was the last time you wrestled with a child, watched a movie, or shared food while sitting your carpet? When was the last time you played a game, pet your animal, or cleaned under a piece of furniture while kneeling on your kitchen floor?

Because EarthcareClean cleans and protects carpets and floors for our customers, and have been doing so since 1987, we know the importance of floors and carpets to our customers. EarthcareClean makes a point of using food-grade, plant-based cleaning agents to clean your carpets and floors.

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Who's Been on Your Carpet & Floors?

It's certainly not the most common question you hear. It might even make you stop and think—and perhaps raise an eyebrow. And why would we ask that question anyway?

Well, we love carpets and floors—all kinds of carpets and all kinds of floors. We make it our business to love your carpets and floors and to give you tips on maintenance. At EarthcareClean, we take their longevity and protection seriously.

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The uptake of soil nutrients by plants is common knowledge; therefore, it also makes sense that nutrients must be returned to the soil. When plant matter is left to decay, such as in natural settings and forests, the decay re-introduces nutrients back to the soil.

Intensive food production, especially of warm-weather crops, means a speedier uptake of nutrients. For the farmer and gardener, amendments and nutrients often must be added back in. Otherwise, the farmer and gardener won't be able to continue growing healthy plants that can feed humans and animals.

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